Thursday, July 15, 2010

what summer should taste like

has it really been six months since I posted?! hmmmm could that correlate to the fact that I am 6 1/2 months pregnant? Well maybe? or It may have been the new experiences of raising our sweet girl, the packing and moving of our house and my new promotion in my job. All in all life has gotten away from me.

But today I was inspired...

by a peach. Yes, a glorious peach. This is what summer should taste like. As I rinsed the beautiful fuzz off this glorious creature and cut it open, I felt alive. a peach. The fragrant aroma spilled over my kitchen as I twisted the pit from the side of the fruit. The color was incredible. The creamy, rich almond-y color was polka-dotted with vibrancy of pink. The juicy, sweet flavor was to die for. It tasted almost as if you mixed the smell of a rose and a peach together. I was in heaven. Stella and I indulged in getting the sticky, sweet juice all over our fingers and faces as we gobbled it up.

Maybe it's my third trimester but my love for all things food has been reborn. The blog-posts are compounding in my head. Maybe it's the nesting...but get ready I'm back!

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