Tuesday, January 4, 2011

fabric, thread,needles & time

That is my recipe for a quilt. And that is my new project for the week (well...year?)

I'm not big on new years resolutions. I think we should always be looking at our life and working towards making it better. In particular, the husband and I like to look at our life week to week and make changes (resolutions, you may say) to keep our life on track. So, on a long and snowy drive back from Pennslyvania on Christmas we took a look at our life.

And what did we find? Well for one, I spend too much time online. Hmmm go figure:)

So my resolution? Since I love to make things homemade. I decided on a couple new projects. First, a quilt. Since my most favorite quilt (from pottery barn) was so worn in that my feet keep getting caught in the holes.

You may say...when did you learn how to quilt? Well, I didn't. I started by rummaged around my moms sowing closet for old fabric and I just kind of went at it. My mom helped me with some simple math to make sure my edges lined up and I started cutting, then I started sowing...

And what I found is that when you don't watch television and play online, you get a lot done!

My husband loves to read to me and so he loves my new hobby of quilting. For some reason I listen a lot better when I am sowing then when I am looking at pictures on facebook...oh well

For those who sew...I'm probably not doing quilting justice. But for my first project I am working on a queen-ish sized quilt. The pattern is a simple 7x7 block of mismatched old fabrics. Here is my first pic:
now I will get off the computer, I promise;)

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  1. Good luck on your quilt. The colors look really nice together.

    By the way its spelled "sew" not "sow". The latter is what you do with seeds in the garden. But then maybe that's what you are doing - with quilt as your garden.