Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I love small businesses

ok so i'm totally obsessed with my cloth diapers. It's a new found love and totally addicting. You wouldn't know it but there are hundreds of types. After much research I settled on a brand called "gro-baby" these amazing diapers are totally organic and so easy to use and not to mention Stella has never had a diaper rash!

Anyway...I have been using these diapes since stella was about 8lbs so around 3 weeks old. And I got them from a great company which is based out of Montana and started by a Mom, called the natural baby co. Well these great diapes have been working great until just a couple weeks ago the elastic went out in two of them (we have 12 total). I thought it strange after just a couple months of use so I decided to be brave and call the company just to let them know. I mean maybe I did something wrong? Well I explained the problem and without even asking for my order number they took my name and address and are shipping me two NEW ones tommorrow! I mean talk about some impressive customer service. This makes me love them all the better check them out.

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